When and Why?

The years have passed.

  • Do you ever wonder how much things has changed since you installed your lift?
  • How many TVs and how many cars have you changed over the last 15 years?

As well-maintain is your elevator, no doubt the passage of years has left its scars. Today in Valsamidis S.A. we use advanced technology to give you solutions that will improve both safety and performance and of course the aesthetic appeal of your lift.

The use of the building has changed.

After so many years you may have changed the use of the building and the lift will probably not meet your new requirements. Our experienced engineers are able to provide you with traffic studies to meet the parameters of the special traffic needs of your building.

Complaints have increased.

When complaints about your elevator grow rapidly it is time to modernize. Our experienced staff is eager to visit your site free of charge and give you the most professional solutions.

Reduce energy cost.

Forget about the energy-efficient hydraulic lift and replace it with new, advanced technology and low energy consumption. We designed the new product range V20, energy classification A, with a view to meet your needs both functionally and aesthetically and to offer you the most cost-effective and efficient solutions.

Our engineers will undertake the drafting of the energy Study that perfectly meets your needs and data. The detailed Energy Study will give you a clear picture in order to estimate the direct financial benefit for your pocket while you help the environment by helping to reduce the energy footprint of your elevator.

According to the Greek Legislation.

The safe operation of your lift is not only necessary but also mandatory by the law. In Greek Legislation (see downloads - KYA 28425/2008) mentioned in detail the exact time periods that your lift should be refurbished and certified according to the establishment year and its license status.

We will work together to achieve practical solutions to suit your requirements and meet the Greek legislation and all European regulations.

In Valsamidis SA we have the knowledge and experience.