Why should I maintain my lift?

You wish to work perfectly all the safety systems of your car as the first day that you got it.  For that reason you are caring to make all the established preventive service and changed tires when wear out. Thus you be concerned to avoid putting yourself and others at risk.

Why is the exception your lift? You have to realize that your daily vertical movement vehicle must be needed to maintain in good condition. So it shouldn’t be in any case neglected the necessary preventive maintenance of responsible specialized and well trained maintenance crews.


I am legally obliged to maintain my lift?

According to Greek law you are required to maintain the safe operation of your lift. This means that immediately after the installation you have to sign a maintenance and support contract for your lift.

Select the Maintenance and Support contract (Basic, Plus or Premium) that suits your needs.


How often should I have my lift maintained?

The frequency of our technicians’ visits for the maintenance of your lift depends on the type of building (house, apartment, office, etc.) and the number of floors served.

The minimum frequency of maintenance is determined primarily by the real need for supporting the lift in relation to the use and age.

The Customer Care department will advise you about the time intervals that will become the preventive and regular maintenance of your lift, according to the Greek legislations and the manufacturer’s instructions.
(See downloads, Legislation).


How long is the maintenance service?

Approximately 45-50 minutes is enough for our specialized Service Crew to complete the regular maintenance and check the safety components of the lift, always where regular maintenance completes the cycle of audits on an annual basis.


What includes a regular Valsamidis elevators maintenance visit?

During the maintenance visit, our specially trained and experienced crew will check all the security features of your lift as well as cleaning, lubricating and adjusting all components needed to achieve optimal performance. The preventive maintenance tasks are allocated on an annual cycle.

Should any minor repairs be required these would be carried out at the time of the service visit. Additionally the analytical Technical Report posted online by the CCS (Care Control System).


What is included in maintenance costs?

Maintenance costs change depending on maintenance and support contract of your choice.
All our contracts (Basic & Plus) include:

  • Maintenance and supervision according to the Greek legislations and manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Fault recovery without charge
  • 15-Sufficiency Spare Parts
  • Care Control System
  • Technical Support throughout Greece & the Balkans
  • SMS Appointment reminder
  • Free Insurance Coverage General Liability
  • Rescue Training
  • Valsamidis Care Club Benefits


How is the payment of maintenance?

Payment is as indicated on Maintenance and Support Contract you have signed, or by appointment with our company’s conductor, either by deposit in one of the following banks:

  • ALPHA BANK: 125 002 320 005 371
  • EUROBANK: 00260074640200148630
  • ETHNIKI BANK: 195/470549-16
  • MARFIN BANK: 0365266427
  • PEIRAIOS BANK5121026372895

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What are my obligations as an administrator?

The building’s administrator/owner or the legal representative shall be responsible to entrust the maintenance of the lift at a licensed company as well as to manage a range of other duties. The obligations and rights of the owner or administrator are specifically mentioned in Greek legislation, improper execution resulting criminal and civil liability.
(See Downloads / Greek Legislation / KYA 28425 Article 8 and Article 13)